Who we are:  A sister's tale.

Brenda's Story

Co-Owner of The Indigo Doors
Social Worker/Therapist
Brenda graduated with a Bachelors in Sociology from Wayne State University. 
Brenda graduated with a Master’s in Social work from Wayne State University School of Social Work. 

I have extensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivation Interviewing, and Strength Based Solution Focused Family and Couples Therapy. Combined with these interventions, I genuinely believe therapy, when embraced or practiced, can help improve our quality of life. Knowing how to interact with other’s in healthy ways combined with the insight gained in doing this work on myself, with my family, and friends has helped me grow in ways that would not have been possible without learning the skills and knowledge taught in this profession. I have a genuine love for all people and feel compassion for all their experiences. I feel the unique greatness within each person, couple, or family combined with learning appropriate therapeutic interventions like processing experiences to gain insight and dedication can help them grow or change in positive ways and improve their overall mental health. 

Reiki Master/Teacher
Quantum Touch Practitioner
Lightarian Reiki Master
Sidhartha Reiki Practitioner

I have been a healer all my life.  It began in my childhood where I had an inner knowing of wanting to help and heal people.  Having such a profound knowing at a young age I quickly saw my perceptions were different and special from others around me.  Not coming from a perfect loving supportive environment, I began my own personal healing journey at the age of 18 yrs old.  Travelling to Arizona with my sister and reading and applying all sorts of techniques and methods in self healing, I began to heal and manifest positive change in my own life.  The notion of healing others came back to me in my twenties when I began to learn and train in all sorts of "hands-on" healing.  During this process my own intuition and skills were growing but something was missing for me.  I needed this healing to manifest physically, so for me this meant applying it into the field of social work and I began my studies in this school of thought, not knowing it would lead me to opening my own center.  As far as healing goes, I have now developed my own intuitive process of Quantum healing where I combine all of my knowledge and my abilities to "see", communicate with spirit to help people heal their lives and balance their energies.  I can't tell you what will come out of a session because each session is different.  I combine hands on healing in many forms along with my intuition or heighted awareness to know what is needed for each person I am blessed to work with.  I work with each person to balance and align their body, mind and spirit.  Things come up where I can apply what I know in therapy to support people to process and release things that no longer serve them.  It is an amazing experience everytime! I feel truly blessed to be able to facilitate in this way and I'm honored to meet so many amazing people on their healing path.

How it all came together...
A while back, I said something to my husband that changed my life. As he was processing some frustrations he felt about the way his life was going, I arrogantly said “What would you do if you knew you were loved and supported?” and “What would you do differently, if you weren’t afraid?”.  You see,  I like to think I have all the answers and I love to give advice. But in this particular moment, I literally heard a voice in my head say, “Brenda, what would YOU do if you knew you were loved and supported beyond measure?”

I began spending hours thinking about those questions as I realized, I do think I’m loved and supported but I became aware that I don’t act like it. I started making lists of  things I would do differently, if I knew I was safe and loved and the most surprising to me was that I would love more. I would not be afraid to love myself and others the way I want. I would stop worrying and be fully present in my love for myself, my family and friends. I realized I hold myself back from genuinely loving and being positive towards myself and others because of belief systems I carried.  A lot of these believes systems, for me, were shoulds. I should have a life that looks like… I should have a “normal” job with benefits and 401K. I should behave in the way other’s expect me to be. I should worry and think about money a lot! I’m not sure where I learned that but it seemed ridiculous when I mindfully thought about it. 

I began to acknowledge and have a knowing that these beliefs, and there were a lot, were keeping me inside a box or way of existing that wasn’t really my way of thinking or believing. I began to confront the belief systems that told me I wasn't worthy to be succesful, helpful to others, lovable, and abundant and continually asked, "What would I do different, if I knew, had a deep knowing that I am so loved?".  Hours and days of going within and mourning the loss of not always feeling loved and repairing within myself the relationships that weren’t always the most supportive, I began to feel the love I knew was logically there. I began to know within my whole being, I would begin living a life with joy and love.  For me this meant I would take the leap of faith to be who I AM in all things. 

Not so surprising, when I look back, everyone I met and knew began to “look” different to me as I had a complete knowing of their greatness inside because I had accepted and began loving mine. I began to “run into” or meet people who were on a similar journey as they validated my experiences. This new way of being began to resinate within every cell of my body and the more I embraced it the more loving and positive experiences came to me. Eventually, after miraculous, loving and joyful experiences this lead to my sister and I opening the Indigo Doors.  

I’m looking forward and feel immensely honored to help, support, and yes, love everyone we meet and interact, with our unique services and skills set. 

Thank you for letting me share a little of my journey with you!  I look forward to working with you in the future. 

Wendy's Story

Co Owner of The Indigo Doors
Visionary Artist/Healer/Teacher
BFA in Painting from Wayne State University
Masters in Modern Art History from Azusa Pacific University

I actually began my education in Physics. I never really thought about doing art. I was naturally good at math and science and feel comfortable within the cultures of these belief systems.  So, I followed that path for a while, but something was missing for me.  I picked up a pencil one day and started drawing faces and I felt something. I felt spirit. I was 2 semesters away from a Bachelor in Science and I switched majors to Art and transferred to Wayne State University.  There, I learned the traditional methods of painting and fell in love.  I loved how I was able to create matter, illusionary form and how it created an emotional response.  I created many paintings and each time felt spirit flow through me.  I loved using these tools in this way. This process of using art spiritually brought me to new heights emotionally and spiritually.

Soon after my degree I got a job as a teacher, taught publicly and privately and loved sharing my knowledge with people.  Teaching people how to create art was always about building confidence and empowering their own personal voice.  It became clear to me that this process was so much more than painting and teaching.  I opened up 3 studios throughout Metro Detroit under the premise of having fun but it wasn't enough for me. This led me to open this healing center with my sister.

Healer/Art Channeler
Certified Reiki Master/Teacher
Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner
Certified Lightarian Reiki Master
Certified Sidhartha Reiki Practitioner

I felt I was always meant to be a healer.  I had a profound awareness of healing techniques and behaviors long before I logically learned what I knew.  I laid my hands on people before I knew what Reiki was.  I could always see things that were unexplainable.  I can see things in the body or from the other side to the person being healed. From an early age, I've talked to God and God talked to me.

Spirituality has always been the most important aspect of my life, which lead to my extensive studies of multiple religions and practice of some aspects of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. I honor those master's of love, light and truth like Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. I also learned Shamanistic methods of stones, animals, feathers and herbs. I have a profound remembering of this way of being and honoring the Earth. I embrace it. I've applied the work to myself so I AM as bright and as light as I can be.

I can channel people's spirits guides and their messages into a painting. I create meditation symbols to help assist those I work with to manifest and create the life they want. I teach people to use art as their own expression of themselves to help them on their healing Journey. I love what I do and bring all of who I AM to each moment.

I would love to see you in one of our classes! They are as fun as they are profound.

I would feel blessed if our paths crossed.



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