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Who we are:

The Indigo Doors is committed to bringing you up-to-date information on how to combine, integrate and honor all pieces of our being and remember who we are.  By doing so we are able to access the infinite divine that resides in all of us, be healthy and create the life that we want.  
Please contact us with questions.  Our passion is people.  We love the process of being human and finding the divine in all things.

Our Mission Statement:
The Indigo Doors creates spaces of love, acceptance and peace to allow each person present to remember the magnificence or God within. We celebrate the splendor of our duality and bring forward the joy within every experience. We create loving relationships with all parts of our beings and each other to promote and shift into a paradigm of pure acceptance and genuine love of all things. 

brenda profile

Brenda Tringali has over 20 years experience in the healing arts. Since her early 20’s, she has dedicated her life to helping people reach their highest potential. Brenda has over 10 years experience as a clinical therapist helping individuals, families, couples and adolescents move through various mental health and physical challenges. In 2015 she combined her energy healing practice with her knowledge of mental health to create what she calls Quantum Healing. From these experiences she specializes in working in the uncomfortable and messy spaces of all of our human emotions to better understand the subconscious or shadow parts of our natures. She passionately advocates for loving all parts of our human expressions, both internal and external, to reach a deep understanding and practice of self love. Part of this mission for Brenda is channeling energies from higher dimensions and the guiding Angels within our universe and beyond. Her intention in channeling is to bring through energies that help us remember and know of the God within each and everyone of us. 

Brenda has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree in Sociology and a Master’s of Social Work Degree. She is a certified Reiki Master and is trained as a Quantum Touch Practitioner. She is the co-owner of the business, The Indigo Doors, a published writer, teacher, and life coach to many. 

Artist, Teacher, Healer

Specializing in bringing the sacredness back to art, she has the ability to connect and communicate to unseen forces and makes them visible in her work. This connection to source and God is innate and has been practiced and molded since her teenage years. Studying different healing modalities for the past twenty years, she combines her love of physics, art history, ancient cultures and religion in not only her work but in the classes, workshops and retreats she helps lead. She feels compelled to establish a new way of living and to create a culture where we no longer compartmentalize and honor all parts of our being equally. Bringing back the elders and connecting with the wisdom within us is her life’s mission.

Studying physics, art history, ancient cultures and religion in college she utilized that knowledge to create several successful businesses, Right Brain Projects, The Artist Lounge, and The Indigo Doors. She was also on the steering committee that led The Detroit Parliament of World Religions. She has written for magazines, shown her art in galleries around the country, and has published “The Quantum Power Deck”. You can follow her at on Instagram. for all of her artwork and prints

She is an Usui Reiki Master, Quantum touch practitioner, has a Masters in Art History and a Bachelor in Fine Art.